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All the English wisdom sentences are online!

25th of January 2020

The insight quotations are the core of the INSTANT-LUMEN project. Why?

They fulfill the following tasks:

1st they address the intellect and show that there is a dimension of consciousness beyond our usual thinking, which has been described at all times and in all cultures as the only sustainable bliss. This dimension has been called "higher, pure, universal, consciousness" or "enlightenment" or "self-knowledge of the spirit" or "God-consciousness" to name but a few.

2nd Or they address the spirit and "describe" the indescribable - namely the most blissful state of mind, which I call INSTANT LUMEN. They can either "only" trigger a premonition, a joyful anticipation of this ultimate state of freedom in you, or they can even shift you into this state.

3rd if they appeal to your heart above all else, then they inspire the longing to find the golden shaft of bliss within yourself.

I wish you that they touch you on all levels, lift you up and simply fulfill you to the core. 

You can find them here under "Your Take off".

Cheerfully yours 

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Instantly, instantly

8th of Dezember 2019

Dear friends,
today on 8th December, 2019 the new INSTANT LUMEN Homepage is almost finished. My deepest  wish is that a many people will be put into the magic of a completely free mind more and more often and more lastingly. This shift into the essential, into inner happiness, into the ultimate freedom is not comparable with any outer happiness. It is an inner revolution that changes your whole life instantaneously or gradually.
Since I experienced this myself, it has become my tireless motivation for this INSTANT LUMEN enterprise published today. My goal was and is: not to create an ideology, but only to bring this profound human experience to the point more precisely and with the help of many quotations!
Instantly, instantly, experiencing only the light of the spirit - that is it. Quick as a flash enlightened!
With infinite gratitude for the dedicated team that made sure that from today on you can find an access to the free mind here.
Always yours

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"overflowing skies"

3rd of December 2019

Today is only the third day after I made the request for support. I am overwhelmed by the generous gifts, the interest, the operation in the shipping department. My gratitude feels Rilke's words "overflowing skies". They should become true for the INSTANT LUMEN project and for all of you and us.
Yours Ute

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1st of December 2019

Dear ones,
here and now on December 1st 2019, the project of my greatest passion enters the world. Head free for all!
The corresponding book is on the market (print and e-book) and you can order it here. 
Our aim is to send the INSTANT LUMEN project around the world. We hope to reach our crowdfunding goal in six weeks.
We are grateful for every contribution that helps to make "around the world for world peace" a reality.
Your Ute Devotionally

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I would like  to support the project.

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