In 1990 Ute Lauterbach switched to the philosophical-therapeutic field as a student advisor for philosophy and English. She founded the Institute for Psycho-energetic Integration.

Ute Lauterbach's innermost concern is to contribute to the free mind of all people. Thus thought clouds away push. Disposing of biographical rubbish. Promoting self-friendliness. Nonsense care. Therefore it writes books, holds lectures, offers seminars and individual discussions.

The most beautiful experience - that of a completely free head - maintain and pass on. We make it approximately, if we us completely broken laugh. Or when we completely lose ourselves in beauty. It goes beyond the experience of flow. Maybe we have to describe it with terms like "how": Bliss, Nirvana, Unio mystica, enlightenment, ecstatic peace.

If the head is free and the heart wide, then we look as a "clear eye of the world". We have full sight. We are at the "Fullinger" point on the scale of consciousness© developed by Ute Lauterbach. If, on the other hand, we are inwardly completely at the stop, then we interpret everything according to our entanglement and have zero distance to ourselves and others. The assigned point on the scale of consciousness is at the opposite end and is called "Nullinger".

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