The Leapless Leap
Who leaps into consciousness, will enter a different kind of life.

Your philosophical take off! This is a tremendous enterprise, because it means becoming fully committed to the most beautiful, the best and the highest. And what is this in philosophy? Let me answer by quoting the great philosopher Hannah Arendt. She writes that “the end and goal of all philosophizing” is supposed to be “a state of speechlessness, a kind of intuition which cannot be expressed by words ...”. This speechlessness as a result of having experienced the most beautiful happens when, in rare, blessed moments, our mind is utterly clear, when we are drowning or losing ourselves in being, in highest joy.

Or in other words: We are flooded by immediate understanding, by endless openness, we have become part of the peak of human insight. In such extraordinary, precious moments everything is clear, everything is glowing from within by luminous evidence. This peak experience of “an intuition that cannot be expressed by words” is what I call INSTANT LUMEN. This sudden light, instantly shining in our minds, changes life like no other experience of happiness in the world.

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