How is the Project Structured?

On the way to INSTANT LUMEN we come across

11 different accompanying phenomena of a free mind. You experience all of them when you are at the peak of human cognition.

These accompanying phenomena are like clearings in the thicket of everyday life. They are called:

1. Longing

2. Symbolic versus intimate cognition

3. Pure cognition

4. Not doing, but dropping activity

5. It is already there

6. Oneness

7. How do we reach our destination?

8. Art as a means of touching the utmost

9. Exit ego

10. Boundary experience

11. Death as life?

To get into the mood, you could first look at the cinematic presentation of the sentences of insight. It is useful, but not necessary, that you stick to the above sequence, because the topics build a bit on each other.

The INSTANT LUMEN Coaching in German and English, as well as the quotations of wisdom for you on 208 pages.
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